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Group Activities at Our Nursing Home in Wisner, LA

A key part of our community at Mary Anna Nursing Home is coming together to spend time with one another. Whether you’ve got a competitive streak or just love live music, we have something for everyone. We host a number of group activities that bring fun and joy to our residents in Wisner, LA.

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Games for Everyone

Are you a bingo fiend? Do you love board games? We offer group activities that challenge your skill while being a fun time for everyone. From life-size board games to card tournaments, we always have something on the schedule for your pleasure.

Live Entertainment | Daily Games & Activities | A Diverse Array of Arts & Crafts

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Engaging Community Events

At Mary Anna Nursing Home, we never want to see our residents living in their rooms. It’s our goal to make your life special and exciting. Our group activity calendar is filled with devotional piano and sing-alongs and other live entertainment that provide hours of fun for residents and staff alike in Wisner, LA.

Unique Hobbies & Crafts

If you’re trying to learn a new skill or get back into an old hobby, we want to help. Our team will always be there with the supplies you need to paint, draw, puzzle, or get involved in a number of arts and crafts. We want to keep your hands busy and your mind engaged to ensure that you’re always having a great time.

Work With Us Today!

For more information about the group activities we offer at Mary Anna Nursing Home, get in touch with us today! We love giving residents events to look forward to, and we’d be happy to share what we’ve got planned coming up.

  • Bingo Three Times a Week

  • Horse Race Game

  • Outdoor Outings

  • Live Music

  • Karaoke

  • Dancing Events

  • Holiday Events

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